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Jerzees Police Dept. Sweater Blue XL

Jerzees Police Dept. Sweater Blue XL


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How does the piece turn out?


Specified size: XL

We recommend it with size: XL


Armpit to armpit: 67 cm

Back length: 70 cm

How is the condition?

State: Sehr gut

Flaws : -

What does the stated condition mean? Here the explanation:

Condition description
very good The piece is in excellent condition, it has no defects and has not been worn often.
Good The item is in good condition, it may show slight signs of wear. These are indicated under "Defects".
in order The product already has some imperfections/wear and tear as can be seen in the photos.


Brand: Jerzees

Material: Baumwollmischung

Color: Blau


Your order will be shipped within one day and will reach you in 1-5 days (within Germany).

You can see delivery times abroad here:Shipping information

Blue sweater from the American police station Spring Hill.
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