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Collection: vintage hoodies

Nothing beats a casual outfit with baggy vintage Levi's jeans and an oversized vintage hoodie . Whether from the Nike, Adidas or Champion brands, the vintage hoodie goes with almost every outfit and should not be missing in any wardrobe.

What are hoodies

Hoodie is the English term for "hooded sweater", which comes from the word "Hood" is derived. The real vintage hoodies were still called hooded sweatshirts back then, because they were originally sweaters with hoods sewn onto them.

Where do hoodies come from?

Hoodies as we know them today were first released by Champion in the 1930's. Champion designed a model where they sewed a hood onto the classic sweater to keep workers warm in cold places. In order to offer additional protection against the cold, the cuffs were sewn extra tight so that as little air as possible could get under the hoodie. Champion has retained this system over the years, which means that almost every vintage Champion hoodie has tight cuffs.

The most popular brands for vintage hoodies:

In our experience, the most popular vintage hoodies are the classic Nike vintage hoodies . The models of the sports teams from the numerous universities and colleges in the USA are particularly popular.

The old vintage Nike hoodies from the 80s and 90s often have a small Center Swoosh logo, which sits in the middle of the collar or above the fanny pack. These models are very popular with rapper Travis Scott, among others, because he wore a Nike Center Swoosh Hoodie at a concert.